About Us

We are an agency with a passion for creating distinctive designs stories that people fall in love with. At Style Mood we love the idea of creating environments that put our clients desires at the heart of the space, always evoking human emotions in our work. In order to tell truly distinctive design stories and to enrich the mood of a space, we work with creative partners from all corners of the world to produce unique and bespoke design pieces. From design to production we are a very hands on team, and are involved with every aspect of the project, ensuring our vision is realised down to the very last detail.

Nil Erbil

Founder and creative director

Born into the magic of 1970's Istanbul, Nil was raised traveling across Europe. Along her travels she picked up an array of eclectic, native styles which now loves to layer into her work mixing with a New World, American-lifestyle aesthetic. With 15 years of design experience, Nil loves styling with her heart, dreaming big and putting storytelling at the center of her work. Nil is a dog lover with a penchant for cocker spaniels.

Pilar Solchaga

Co-creative director

Self taught designer and entrepreneur, with five years experience in fashion and design. Born in Argentina, she grew up traveling the world. This eclectic upbringing gave Pilar a truly global perspective on design, which she loves bringing to interiors. For the past eight years she has been a New Yorker, where she continues to seek inspiration from the nuances in its wonderful people, the rich and vibrant music scene, and unexpected tucked away spaces.

Our Services

Our capabilities stretch from consultation and decoration for residential and commercial properties to design and programming for hospitality. Always putting the same energy and passion into every project, whether it is a set design for a photoshoot, a pop up installation or the design of a boutique hotel, all whilst upholding the highest creative standards.